Croc on rooftop in flood-hit Karnataka leaves netizens shocked

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Croc on rooftop in flood-hit Karnataka leaves netizens shocked

Croc on rooftop in flood-hit Karnataka leaves netizens shocked

IANS   ¦    Aug 13, 2019 12:19:44 PM (IST)

Croc on rooftop in flood-hit Karnataka leaves netizens shocked-1Belagavi: A 10-feet long crocodile perched on the rooftop of a house in flood-hit Karnataka's Raibag town has sent social media into a tizzy.

The reptile swept away by the swirling waters of the Krishna river in spate had landed on top of the asbestos roof of a fully submerged house about 90km north of Belagavi city, an official told IANS on Monday.

"The reptile was seen resting on the roof of Ajit Sutara's house after the water receded by a foot on Sunday when the rain subsided," state nodal officer Hallappa Pujari told IANS on phone.

"As Sutar's farmhouse is about one kilometre from the riverbank, the crocodile sailed along in the direction of the house and held on to the sheet to remain on the rooftop for hours," said revenue official Prashant Patil.

After rainwater flooded and submerged all houses around the riverbank, Sutar and his family had moved to the higher and safer ground even as heavy rain continued to lash the region all through the week.

"The crocodile later slipped into the water and disappeared in an hour as the curious crowd approached it and made noise from all around," said Deputy Tehsildar Pujari.

It was Sutar who had spotted the male crocodile perched on his rooftop and alerted the police. A rescue team was also alerted.

"By the time, the rescue team could reach the spot, the reptile plunged into the receding waters and swam away," added Patil.

But within that one hour, the crocodile was the star attraction, as people fell over each other to photograph it and even make short videos. Armed with smartphones all these activities took place from a distance and was shared on social media.

Luckily none took the plunge or pressed the animal for a TikTok video.

Torrential rains and strong surface winds from an active southwest monsoon have wreaked havoc in the coastal, central and northern regions of the southern state since a week, leaving a trail of death and destruction.