World Kidney Day; Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere

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World Kidney Day; Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere

World Kidney Day; Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere

Media Release   ¦    Mar 14, 2019 07:34:42 PM (IST)

World Kidney Day; Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere-1Bengaluru: World Kidney Day, 2019 marks the 16th Anniversary of the global health awareness campaign. The 2019 theme “Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere”, reminds us that not all of us are equal with regards to risk for Kidney disease and access to treatment.

World Kidney Day is observed on the 2nd Thursday of March every year. In view of the pandemic nature of Chronic Kidney disease, the concept of World Kidney Day came into existence. Kidney disease is the 3rd most common cause of death after cancer and heart disease. Diabetes and High blood pressure contribute to approximately 60%-70% of all cases of Chronic Kidney Disease.

About 600 million people worldwide have some form of Kidney disease. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is recognized as global public health issue. In India approximately about 220,000-275,000 new patients need some form of renal replacement therapy every year. It is estimated that the dialysis population is growing at the rate of 10- 20% annually, says Senior Nephrologist and Medical Head, of Manipal Hospital, Malleshwaram Dr. G K Prakash.

Chronic Kidney Disease is a progressive, irreversible loss of kidney function over a period of months. Approximately 10% of the adult population has some form of chronic kidney disease. Almost 80% of the patients seek medical attention when more than 75% of kidney function is lost. Unfortunately, kidney disease being silent and not detected early, very little can be done when it is detected late and it is also very expensive to treat late kidney disease. The purpose of celebrating World Kidney Day is to encourage early detection, prevention and aggressive treatment of Kidney disease by educating the general public about the disease and by doing simple tests on the blood and urine in the form of Creatinine and urine albumin.

In order to increase awareness of Kidney disease among general public, Manipal Hospital Malleshwaram, Bengaluru is conducting screening camp from March 9 to 30, 2019.

People at risk for Chronic Kidney Disease
• Diabetes Mellitus
• High Blood Pressure
• Increasing age, especially above 40 years and obese individuals
• Family history of kidney disease
• History of Heart disease/ Urological problems
• Users of painkillers
• Alternative drug abusers

Golden rules to maintain healthy kidney
• Keep fit and active
• Adequate hydration
• Keep regular control of blood sugar and blood pressure
• Eat healthy food and keep your weight in check
• Maintain healthy fluid intake
• To avoid excessive calories, salt, sedentary habits, smoking, stress and strain.
• Do not take over- the – counter pills.

Dr G K Prakash
Senior Consultant- Nephrologist
Manipal Hospital Malleshwaram

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World Kidney Day; Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere