Voter awareness by BMTC driver and conductor

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Voter awareness by BMTC driver and conductor

Voter awareness by BMTC driver and conductor

SC MKU   ¦    Apr 09, 2019 10:55:49 AM (IST)

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Bengaluru: Many organisations have started conducting voter awareness programs in the wake of the general elections. However, what is standing out is an effort of the driver and conductor of unit 33 of BMTC in this direction.

The driver and the conductor have been doing their bit by distributing pamphlets, urging the public to cast their votes.

Driver Yogesh and conductor Vasantha Kumar work in the bus plying between Channammanakere Achukattu and Majestic.

They have been distributing pamphlets to the passengers travelling in their bus and requesting them to vote.

‘If you don’t vote it is an insult to democracy’, Don’t forget to vote, if you forget it is not worth living’, Voting is our right," were some of the slogans on the pamphlets distributed.

Driver Yogesh told reporters that voting was everybody’s right. Everyone should exercise their franchise. Pamphlets were being distributed to passengers waiting in the bus stop to create awareness regarding voting. This awareness program will be continued for one more day.