Uber driver breaks passenger's nose after argument over fare

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Uber driver breaks passenger's nose after argument over fare

Uber driver breaks passenger's nose after argument over fare

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Bengaluru: An Uber driver, last week, reportedly punched his passenger after a heated exchange of words over the trip fare. The incident is reported to have occurred on Wednesday.

According to a report by The Hindu, 23-year-old passenger Annek Roy booked a shared cab from the Uber app from his apartment in Hoodi to the Kempegowda International Airport.

According to Roy, Uber driver Harish KS, demanded that the Uber Go fare be paid before starting the ride. When Roy objected to the demands stating that he had booked a shared ride, the driver asked him to cancel his ride.

Roy refused this too, as he would be made to pay a cancellation fee and threatened to raise a complaint against him on the app. Angered by this, Harish began flinging his bags from the vehicle and then, in a fit of rage, punched Roy in the face.

A police officer told The Hindu that Harish punched Roy's nose so hard, that he started bleeding. Roy also alleged that the driver kicked, punched him and abused him. The fight broke up only after a shopkeeper intervened.

Due to the fight, Roy was late to the airport and was stopped from boarding the plane due to his bleeding nose.

Roy filed a police complaint after receiving treatment in the hospital. He then took a flight to Kolkata on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Harish was booked under various sections for assault, wrongful restraint and intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace. He is yet to be arrested.