Speaker upholds Congress-JD(S) coalition's whip issue

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Speaker upholds Congress-JD(S) coalition's whip issue

Speaker upholds Congress-JD(S) coalition's whip issue

SC AN   ¦    Jul 22, 2019 04:23:50 PM (IST)

Speaker upholds Congress-JD(S) coalition\'s whip issue-1Bengaluru: Karnataka Assembly Speaker K R Ramesh Kumar, on Monday, upheld the Congress-JD(S) coalition's whip issue to the rebel MLAs.

The Speaker warned that the rebel MLAs who fail to face the trust vote will face disqualification.

His decision was welcomed by the Congress party.

KPCC president Dinesh Gundu Rao welcomed the decision to uphold the sanctity of the whip saying that it is an applicable order according to the 10th schedule of the Constitution. Taking to Twitter, he wrote, "He ruled that the Supreme Court interim order in no way protects the Rebel MLA’s if they violate the Whip. Welcome his just and equitable order."

Speaking on the issue, CLO leader and former CM Siddaramaiah said that the Speaker will take a decision on the trust vote. "We have said that we will prove the majority in the Vidhana Soudha. A case regarding the trust vote is pending in the Supreme Court. We have also filed a petition and the Supreme Court will most probably hear our plea tomorrow.

Earlier, Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Minister Krishna Byre Gowda questioned the sanctity of the trust vote as the resignations of the rebel MLAs have not yet been accepted. He said that the Speaker must decide on the resignations of the rebel MLAs.

"If there is no decision on the status of rebel MLAs, the trust vote has no sanctity," he said.