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Robbers go digital with swipe machines

Robbers go digital with swipe machines

Sc N S   ¦    Aug 09, 2018 12:07:40 PM (IST)

Robbers go digital with swipe machines-1Bengaluru: The concept of Digital India seems to be catching up with the robbers, in the tech city of Bengaluru, who now have added card swiping machines to their kitty in a bid to extract the maximum amount from their victims.

According to reports, Ram Tiwari, a Delhi resident who was in the city on official work got robbed off the valuables and cash on him by two bike-borne miscreants on Saturday night. Notably, the thieves who found the debit cards in Tiwar's wallet forced him to reveal the ATM pin after threatening him at knife point and swiped nearly Rs 16,000 using a swipe machine they were carrying in three different transactions. They later, handed over the empty wallet and cards to Tiwari and fled the spot.

A complaint in this regard was filed by Tiwari at J.B. Nagar police station on the next day before departing for Delhi.

The police are trying to trace the accused on the basis of the transaction details secured from the victim. According to the police, the accused may have linked with a shopkeeper and bought the POS machine for the purpose of the crime.