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Protests erupt following civic worker's suicide in Bengaluru

Protests erupt following civic worker's suicide in Bengaluru

SC AN   ¦    Jul 10, 2018 06:59:16 PM (IST)

 Protests erupt following civic worker\'s suicide in Bengaluru-1

Bengaluru: The BJP, on July 10, took out a protest in front of the BBMP's West Zone office owing to the suicide of a Pourakarmika (civic worker), Subramani.

Several hundreds of these civic workers have not received their dues over the last six months, even though the contract system was scrapped and replaced. The workers were assured that they would receive their salaries directly.

Subramani is reported to have committed suicide because he was facing financial difficulties and non-receipt of his salary for six months even forced him to pull his children out of school.

"The administration has reneged on its promises. Even though they promised that salaries would be paid on time after installing biometric systems, delays have continued. Due to this, an innocent worker has paid the price", the protesters complained and demanded that Mayor R Sampatraj take moral responsibility for the death and resign from his post.

Member of Parliament P C Mohan, opposition leader of the corporation Padmanabha Reddy, former mayor Katte Satyanarayana, and other BJP leaders and workers participated in the protest.

Joint Commissioner Basavaraju tried to pacify the angry protesters by promising to release the payments to those who are registered in the biometric system by the end of the day. He requested the civic workers not to despair as their dues would be paid on time.

Mayor Sampatraj also promised to resolve the issue by July 20.