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No question of load-shedding in the state: Minister Shivakumar

No question of load-shedding in the state: Minister Shivakumar

M Y   ¦    Nov 14, 2017 06:00:45 PM (IST)

No question of load-shedding in the state: Minister Shivakumar-1

Bengaluru: Minister for Energy D.K. Shivakumar on Tuesday said the power situation in the state has been good and there will be no load shedding at any cost.

“We are getting ready to produce 2000 MW solar power. With this, we will be supplying power to other states,’’ Minister Sivakumar told in the Legislative Council meeting being held in Belagavi.

The government has established 2,000 MW Solar Park at five villages in Pavagada taluk in Tumakuru district. “The project has been established in association with Karnataka Solar Power Development Corporation Limited, Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Limited and Solar Energy Corporation of India,” the minister said.

Replying a starred question by MLC Vijay Singh, the minister said there was no proposal to establish solar energy park in Bidar district.

The minister said the government has given permission to establish nine private solar parks under Scheme for Development of Solar Park in the state. The objective was produce 382 MW solar power. “Out of the nine, two solar parks have produced 58.43 MW solar power,’’ the minister said.

He said the government has taken land from farmers on lease basis to produce solar power at Valluru, Rayacherlu, Kyathaganacherlu, Balasmudra and Thirumani villages. The farmers get Rs 21,000 per acre of land per year for the next 28 years. “The lease amount will be increased by five per cent once in two years,’’ he said.

The minister has made it clear that government will not pay any compensation to the farmers who gave land for establishing private solar parks.