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No declaration of drought-hit taluks, says Kagodu

No declaration of drought-hit taluks, says Kagodu

Shrivibhavana   ¦    Dec 07, 2017 12:58:18 PM (IST)

No declaration of drought-hit taluks, says Kagodu-1Bengaluru: Late monsoon, which ensured record rainfall comes as a reason to cheer and with this, for the first time in last four years, none of the taluks of the state will be declared drought-hit.

According to the state revenue minister Kagodu Thimmappa, though 60 taluks of the state received less rainfall, however, there is no proposal to declare drought-hit taluks.

Addressing the media persons at Vidhana Soudha, he said, “though the state received good rains in monsoon and later period, 60 taluks didn’t get enough. But, even then, these taluks have received rainfall more than that required to call them drought-hit."

He added that there is no drinking water problem in the state, because of good rains. The possibility of severe drinking water problem is very less in days to come as well. Anyhow, directions have been given to district administrations to take precautionary measures to face drinking water shortage in summer.