No coronavirus in chicken sold in Karnataka: Official

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No coronavirus in chicken sold in Karnataka: Official

No coronavirus in chicken sold in Karnataka: Official

IANS   ¦    Feb 15, 2020 10:42:25 PM (IST)

No coronavirus in chicken sold in Karnataka: Official-1Bengaluru: Ruling out contamination of chicken or eggs sold or consumed in the state, the Karnataka government on Saturday clarified there was no coronavirus in poultry products.

"Public is warned against believing rumours or false messages posted in the social media that chicken sold or consumed in the state is affected by coronavirus. There is no scientific evidence for such baseless messages and no incidence of corona viral infection was found in poultry," state animal husbandry and fisheries department secretary A.B. Ibrahim said in a statement here.

Allaying fears of chicken being affected by the deadly virus, Ibrahim said poultry provided rich protein and healthy food and does not spread any disease.

"Coronavirus spreads from contact with infected persons only, not through poultry products, which are rich in protein and are healthy," asserted the top official.

Explaining the reasons, Ibrahim said as chicken was cooked at 1,000 degree Celsius, no virus could survive at such a high temperature.

"Heating food up to 450 degree Celsius kills any virus. Eggs are also eaten boiled or cooked. Hence, well-cooked chicken is free from any virus and safe to eat," reiterated Ibrahim.

The novel coronavirus (COVID 2019) has affected thousands of people in China and claimed over 1,500 lives so far in its Wuhan province.

The state government has set up a 24x7 helpline: 1800-425-0012 and landlines 080-2341-8075/6431 for the public to contact for clarification or more information.