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M'luru woman gets gagged, molested in Bluru

M'luru woman gets gagged, molested in Bluru

Sc N S   ¦    Jul 12, 2018 01:52:55 PM (IST)

M\'luru woman gets gagged, molested in Bluru-1Bengaluru: The safety of women in metro cities, especially during the night hours has become a cause of major concern and Bengaluru is no exception. The mass molestation of girls during the New Year eve last year is a gory example of this.

A 34-year-old woman, hailing from Mangaluru was subjected to the unsafe manners of Bengaluru city having arrived at Majestic bus station late on Monday night. The woman, Lata (name changed) was reportedly waiting at the bus stand to board another bus for Hosakote when a man, thinking that she was a sex-worker approached her for sex and offered some money.

An angry Lata sent the man packing after giving him a piece of her mind. Upon finding the man lurking around the corner despite her shouting, Lata decided to take a train or an auto to Hosakate and started walking towards the railway station. Shortly later a biker, none other than the man harassing her along with a friend of his intercepted her path, gagged her and forcibly made her sit on the bike. After taking her to an isolated spot the duo are alleged to have molested her.

Lata somehow managed to undo her gag and shouted for help whereafter the two fled the scene. A complaint in this regard was filed by Lata at Annapoorneshwari Nagar on Tuesday. A case of kidnapping and sexual harassment has been booked against the offenders.

A police official said that they are trying their best to nab the culprits on the basis of the bike registration number provided by Lata.