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Missing techie case: Cops arrest 2, book Reliance Jio

Missing techie case: Cops arrest 2, book Reliance Jio

Sc AL   ¦    Feb 13, 2018 06:32:49 PM (IST)

Missing techie case: Cops arrest 2, book Reliance Jio-1

Bengaluru: The Special Investigation Team (SIT) probing the missing case of software engineer Kumar Ajitabh has released sketches of the suspect who had called the techie on the pretext of buying his car. Two men were nabbed on charges of issuing a Jio SIM card to the suspect and the sketches of the suspect are based on the description given by the SIM card sellers.

Despite the arrests, police are in a dilemma as both the accused are giving different descriptions of the same person. Whitefield Police have booked Reliance Jio and have arrested Anand, the vendor and Shivakumar, the agent in connection with the case. They were arrested two days ago, after investigations revealed that they had helped the accused by issuing a Jio SIM that was used in the crime. The accused managed to obtain the Jio SIM using fake credentials.

On verification of the call details of Ajitabh, police found that the person who offered to buy his car, for which an advertisement was posted on OLX, had used a Jio SIM card to make the call. Further investigation led the police to Shabana, a resident of Rahmath Nagar in Kolar, under whose name the SIM card was issued.

Shabana remained ignorant of the case but pointed at Shivakumar, from whom she purchased the SIM. After it got deactivated, Shivakumar used the credentials of Shabana to issue another SIM card to the accused. The vendor Anand is understood to have recharged the SIM card. Based on Shabana’s complaint, the two have been arrested.

Software techie Ajitabh has been missing since December 18, last year.