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Minister Manju allays fears over bird flu

Minister Manju allays fears over bird flu

M Y   ¦    Jan 12, 2018 04:42:40 PM (IST)

Minister Manju allays fears over bird flu-1Bengaluru: There is no need to panic due to the bird flu in the state as it will have no impact on humans, Minister for Animal Husbandry and Sericulture A Manju said.

“There are different types of bird flues. There will be no problem if a person consumes chicken. I have chicken for breakfast in the morning,’’ Manju told reporters here on Friday.

The minister said the first case of bird flu was reported in Mandya.

“We sent the blood samples of affected birds to a laboratory in Bhopal. The blood tested positive for H5. It will not affect people’s health,’’ the minister said.

He said the animal husbandry department has taken measures to prevent the spread of virus to other places. “We have ordered the closure of a poultry farm at Kunigal in Tumakuru district. The police have arrested the owner of the poultry farm. There is no deadly avian flu in the state,’’ he said.

The minister said the instructions were given to inject the birds within 10 km radius of the poultry farm where bird flu was reported.

“The animal husbandry department doctors are examining the birds being brought to the state from Tamil Nadu as a preventive measure,’’ he said.

Increase in silk production

The minister said the silk production has been increased as the government taken lot of measures for the development of sericulture in the state.

“The silk production has increased by 35 per cent. The state is in the forefront in silk production. Around 50 per cent of raw silk is being produced in Karnataka,’’ the minister said.

He said the silk production has increased in the last four years. “The production of silk cocoons has also increased by 25 per cent,’’ he said.

E-auction facility has been introduced at Kollegal, Ramanagara, Sidlaghatta, Kanakapura, Kolar, Channapattna, and Vijayapura silk markets to ensure transparency in auction.

“We have decided to extend this facility to silk markets at Malavalli, Chintamani, and H Cross,’’ he said.

The minister has said a decision has been taken to establish a cocoon bank at Pavagada in Tumakuru district for the benefit of sericulturists.