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Mallya to be extradited on December 10

Mallya to be extradited on December 10

Sep 14, 2018 03:05:43 PM (IST)

Mallya to be extradited on December 10-1Bengaluru: A verdict is expected on the petition filed by India seeking deportation of liquor baron Vijay Mallya by the Westminster Court. The judge heard both the arguments and counter-arguments by advocates of both sides on September 12 and postponed the case to December 10 for the passing of order.

This had led the efforts of the investigation agencies in the country to have reached another phase. During the hearing, they gave a detailed report of how Mallya led the banks astray before fleeing. At the conclusion, the ju8dge remarked that there seems to be enough evidence on record against the accused. This remark was an indication and a possible chance for a positive outcome to the hearing. They also raised the point that Mallya had raised loans without disclosing the fact that Kingfisher airlines were in loss.

The advocate for Mallya has said that the chief of CBI, Rakesh Asthana, had threatened the heads of the banks to register cases against his client.

All that is left to be seen if the proposal Mr Mallya has placed in the Karnataka High Court for clearance of dues is viewed favourably and whether the banks accept it.