Karnataka third among states with most Dengue cases

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Karnataka third among states with most Dengue cases

Karnataka third among states with most Dengue cases

Shrivibhavana   ¦    Jun 12, 2018 07:06:07 PM (IST)

Karnataka third among states with most Dengue cases-1

Bengaluru: After Tamil Nadu and Kerala, Karnataka recorded most number of dengue cases this year, says official data.

According to the data from Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, in 2014, the state recorded 3,358 dengue cases and in 2017, it increased to 17,265. In 2018, as many as 1,006 cases have been registered so far in Karnataka.

In 2017, Tamil Nadu had recorded 23,294 dengue infections whereas Kerala reported 19,975 cases.

The worrying fact is the number of dengue cases is increasing consistently for the past three years in Karnataka. This year, the number has already crossed 1000 causing fear. Recently, 40 chikungunya and 368 dengue cases have been recorded from Bengaluru city.

The situation could be compounded by the arrival of monsoon. In the rainy and waterlogged conditions, mosquitoes can breed up to 10,000 per week. “The production of mosquitoes increases in the stagnant water of the construction area. So, cleanliness should be maintained in such areas. If the fever doesn’t come into control even after 8 hours, care should be taken. One should drink around 3-4 litres of water everyday”, said a doctor of Narayana Hospital.

“Soon after the beginning of the Monsoon, there will be an increase in dengue cases. Mosquitoes are produced because of the change in the environment. Diseases can be avoided by maintaining cleanliness”, said Dr. Jyothsna Krishnappa of Apollo Hospital.

Health Department Research Official Dr. Sharief assured that the health department was doing its best for the elimination of mosquitos. However, fever which starts after monsoon should not be neglected, he added.

Common symptoms of Dengue:
* Pain in eyes and joints
* Severe headache
* Rashes in the skin
* Blood from the nose