Karnataka Deputy CM to distribute 1,000 tabs to poor students

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Karnataka Deputy CM to distribute 1,000 tabs to poor students

Karnataka Deputy CM to distribute 1,000 tabs to poor students

IANS   ¦    Oct 18, 2020 08:16:39 AM (IST)

Karnataka Deputy CM to distribute 1,000 tabs to poor students-1Bengaluru: Digital learning has become inevitable because of the pandemic, Deputy Chief Minister C. N. Ashwath Narayana on Saturday announced that his trust would distribute as many as 1,000 tabs to poor students studying in government schools to bridge the digital divide existing between private schools and government schools.

According to a statement released by the Deputy CM's office here, Narayana stated that he gathered information on poor students from 21 public schools, including seven high schools in the Malleswaram constituency there are about 1,000 poor students in his constituency who required such intervention.

"With the help of - Dr C. N. Ashwath Narayan Trust, the R. V. Education Training Institute and Education Foundation - it was decided to provide 1,000 high quality tabs for children to all these students," the statement read.

The Deputy CM added that 21 tabs were distributed on a pilot basis to as many students, with the required content.

"Remaining tabs will be distributed once we complete the content loading process to the remaining tabs," he explained.

According to Narayan, the content loading work is expected to be completed next month and then it would be distributed to the children.

As part of another intuitive, he intends to migrate the entire education in his constituency from physical books to virtual mode as part of a digital learning initiative.

"As part of this, my trust will be donating a laptop for every five children who are studying in primary schools in Malleshwaram while every high school student will get a tab," he said.

He added that he had also launched a training programme for teachers as well in order to train them to adapt to digital and smart education in a feasible manner.

"They need to be prepared to keep track of all aspects like homework, assignments and conducting assessment tests of children," Deputy CM claimed.

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