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Indian astronauts to get Idli Sambar in space by 2022

Indian astronauts to get Idli Sambar in space by 2022

SC AN   ¦    Sep 13, 2018 10:19:22 PM (IST)

Indian astronauts to get Idli Sambar in space by 2022-1Bengaluru: Idli Sambar is probably one of the most beloved food items among a majority of the Indian crowd. Soon, or more accurately by the year 2022, Indian astronauts will be able to eat their fill of the savoury idli and sambar while travelling in space... if all goes according to plan.

Not wanting to lag behind other space agencies such as NASA and other counterparts, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is also planning to send humans on space voyages, and this also includes making preparations for sustenance, AKA food.

Considering that the food in the space shuttle cannot be sent back to the kitchen if it is inedible, ISRO has to see that the food being given to the space voyagers, should not fall apart in zero-gravity conditions. To help with this, Mysuru based Defence Food Research Laboratory has been working hard at trying to prepare such "zero-gravity defying food" and has also held discussions with the ISRO authorities regarding the same.

Prof. Semwal, at the symposium and exhibition of food technology on the topic "Strengthening Army Through Food Technology" held here on Wednesday, September 12, said that food and drink items such as idli sambar, mango juice, frozen fruit juice etc. could be provided in the proper packaging. He added that, as of now, food that can be supplied has not yet been finalised and that the existing packages were not suitable for space. He, however, is hopeful that this can be accomplished by 2022.