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Govt likely to ban use of ajinomoto

Govt likely to ban use of ajinomoto

SC N S   ¦    Mar 21, 2017 12:39:02 PM (IST)

Bengaluru: The state health department will take a decision on banning the use of flavour enhancer monosodium glutamate (ajinomoto), used as an ingredient in Chinese cuisine after undertaking a study on its adverse effects on health.

Govt likely to ban use of ajinomoto-1During the Legislative Council meeting on Monday, referring to various research papers by scientists BJP MLC Ramachandre Gowda said that MSG causes cancer. In reply, Health and Family Welfare Minister Ramesh Kumar said the Health department had failed to control indiscriminate use of ajinomoto. “Indiscriminate use of the chemical causes adverse health effects,” the minister said.

Asked if the government planned to ban ajinomoto, the minister said a decision would be taken after discussing the issue with experts and if it is proved to have adverse health impacts MSG will be banned.