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Firecracker bursting: 66 injured in Bengaluru city

Firecracker bursting: 66 injured in Bengaluru city

Shrivibhavana   ¦    Nov 09, 2018 08:50:14 AM (IST)

Firecracker bursting: 66 injured in Bengaluru city-1

Bengaluru: At least 66 people sustained injuries while bursting firecrackers in the city, between Tuesday and Thursday. Two patients lost their vision permanently. Both of who have lost the vision are children.

According to the data compiled by the BBMP health department, on Thursday alone around 44 cases of eye injury were reported in various hospitals of the city. On Tuesday, the first day of the Deepavali, 20 people were injured.

According to the authorities, the highest number of eye injuries were treated at the government-run Minto hospital with 44 patients getting admitted.

"Mounesh (13) and Sadhika (7), now lost vision in the cracker bursting. They may get their vision back after an operation. Nothing can be stated now. Both are getting treatment at the Minto hospitals," informed authorities.

In Anekal town, six children from different parts of the town sustained injuries in the firecracker bursting incidents. All are being treated at Narayana hospital.