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BJP cheating state, Cong's reaction to 'Non-Kannadiga' RS nominee

BJP cheating state, Cong's reaction to 'Non-Kannadiga' RS nominee

Sc N S   ¦    Mar 13, 2018 03:13:08 PM (IST)

BJP cheating state, Cong\'s reaction to \'Non-Kannadiga\' RS nominee-1

Bengaluru: The nomination of a non-Kannadiga candidate by BJP for the Rajya Sabha polls to be held on March 23 has not augured well with the Congress that is often been playing the "Kannadiga" card in the state.

Hitting out at the opposition party for having chosen Rajeev Chandrasekhar, who currently is an Independent member of the Rajya Sabha and hails from Kerala as its candidate, the Congress questioned the choice of a non-Kannadiga and whether a non-Kannadiga could best represent the state's interests in the Parliament. Taking pride in the fact that the three names nominated by their party happened to be Kannadigas, the Congress asked if the BJP could not find a Kannadiga candidate to contest the polls.

These questions were posed in a social media campaign started by the Congress "Namage Mosa-BJP Cheats Karnataka" also citing a list of "the betrayals and the step-motherly treatment meted out by the NaMo government to the state which includes the Mahadayi issue, shifting of CRPF centre from Taralu to Uttar Pradesh, and BJP leaders' criticism of Karnataka flag among others.

Meanwhile, BJP State President B S Yeddyurappa, while responding to the accusations on Chandrasekhar's nomination, said that for several years now, Chandrasekhar had been residing in the state and he was a Kannadiga. He has been in politics for 12 years and has fought in favour of many pro-Kannada movements, BSY justified.