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Bellandoor fire was man made to damage ‘Brand Bengaluru’

Bellandoor fire was man made to damage ‘Brand Bengaluru’

Shrivibhavana   ¦    Feb 13, 2018 03:07:51 PM (IST)

Bellandoor fire was man made to damage ‘Brand Bengaluru’-1

Bengaluru: Alleging that the fire at Bellandoor Lake was man-made, Bengaluru Development Minister K J George said that few hidden hands were purposely trying to defame "Brand Bengaluru" through such acts. Further, he rationalised the instance by citing that the fire had erupted at the lake just two-days before the NGT trial.

Speaking to media persons here on February 12, he said that it was an organised conspiracy. However, when queried if the government would carry out an investigation to find the "miscreants", the minister clarified that it was his doubt.

He said that CCTV cameras were being installed at Bellandoor, beat and maintenance rooms built. When all these actions are implemented, the fire incidents at the lake will stop automatically, he opined. "Those fire incidents in the lake are caused by some hidden hands and not by disposed water", he said.

Regarding a query about the water content in the lake becoming poisonous as per a scientific opinion expressed by scientist T V Ramachandra (TVR), the minister angrily retorted, “Ramachandra is not an authorised scientist appointed by the government nor is he a part of IISc. Still, he himself screens the lake and prepares a report. Bengaluru Foundation has joined hands with him.”

“T V Ramachandra has been appointed to the expert committee. He didn’t give any suggestions or directions in the committee meetings but releases the personal statements. Let him prove that fire originated from the lake water”, K J George challenged.