Aum-i-art Foundation launches ‘The Great Indian Indie Recordings’

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Aum-i-art Foundation launches ‘The Great Indian Indie Recordings’

Aum-i-art Foundation launches ‘The Great Indian Indie Recordings’

Apr 17, 2018 05:10:37 PM (IST)

Aum-i-art Foundation launches ‘The Great Indian Indie Recordings’-1

Bangalore: Aum-i-Art Foundation, a not-for-profit music trust on April 16, announced the launch of "The Great Indian Indie Recordings"(TGIIR) to revive the Indie music industry. TGIIR is a music app to monetise independent musicians’ songs and create their own musical genre. The music application is created to inspire the new-age musicians and music lovers to upload and listen to a collection of various forms of original music.

TGIIR is world’s first artiste-funding community with a proven track record. The music application will credit and compensate composers, recording artistes, lyricists and copyright owners for the work they share in the app. The new music application was unveiled by well-known musician Ustad Faiyaz Khan, President of Karnataka Sangeet Nritya Academy Arati Rao and Founder of TGIIR Suraj Mani.

The event was also attended by Vasundhra Das, Brodha V, Manoj George (Grammy Award winner), Ananth Menon, Khalid, Nambiar (BPL), John Zachariah (HUL), Rini Dutta and others. The evening witnessed enthralling performances by Ustaad Faiyaz Khan, Suraj Mani, Ananth Menon and Bruce Lee Mani among others.

This unique music app is based on a subscription model. TGIIR invites like-minded music lovers to invest nominal fees of Rs 99 a month to help fund multiple recordings of various Indie stars. The amount is channeled through Aum-i-art Foundation and a third of the funds will be used to pay a royalty to all enrolled artistes whose music is featured on TGIIR. The funds will also be used to meet the infrastructural and operational expenses of the foundation, pay artistes to record new songs, and live performances for fans at various venues like OOHeaven. These venues have been equipped with requisite infrastructure.

Suraj Mani, Founder, Aum-i-art-Foundation said, “We are really happy to help artistes' monetise their songs on whichever platform they choose. On our part, we are a community offering a clear and transparent way of funding recordings and sharing revenue. Additional benefits will also follow progressively. Since this is the first initiative of its kind in the world, we will learn and grow together and discover what works best as a community.”

TGIIR will, thus, create a community of fans who are willing to reward independent artistes and who will have a (listenable) track record as proof.

The team behind the foundation has been working for the welfare of the artistes since 2013, notably, by paying indie artistes to produce LIVE performance videos and giving them audio copyrights of the same. They have already funded over 300 independent bands with well over 1500 original songs and recordings. In 2016, the foundation also built a performance venue OOHeaven where audiences can be invited to fund band recordings and artistes who can shoot high quality videos.

To download the app-

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TGIIR-Indie Artist Jukebox by AUM-I-ART FOUNDATION

About Aum-i-Art Foundation:
Aum-i-Art Foundation is a not-for-profit trust, committed to the well-being of artistes on TGIIR and working to ensure that recording artistes get paid and their efforts are credited.

Suraj Mani, the Founder is a national/ international award-winning artist.e Already an accomplished Indie Icon, he is all set to launch world's first artiste funding community platform. The musical app is called TGIIR (The Great Indian Indie Recordings), which is going to revive Indian Indie Music Industry and is developed by Aum-i-art Foundation. Please go to for more details.

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