28 women rescued from 'Couple Only' bar in Majestic

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28 women rescued from 'Couple Only' bar in Majestic

28 women rescued from 'Couple Only' bar in Majestic

Bhavana S   ¦    Feb 12, 2019 11:24:38 AM (IST)

28 women rescued from \'Couple Only\' bar in Majestic-1

Bengaluru: A total of 28 women, mostly north Indians were rescued by the CCB police from a bar and restaurant in Majestic, in Bengaluru.

The bar was meant for 'couples only' and these women were used as companions for stag entrants. The women were sent in as wives of the customers and were later forced to dance in front of the customers.

According to the CCB police, who are investigating the case, the raid was conducted during early hours of Monday following definite clue shared by their informers. "The bar had permission for the discotheque, but to ensure that it will be a family dining place, the owner was following a strange trick.

The bar had a couple only bar section to ensure that police do not keep an eye on them. The clients were allowed to pick women arranged by the bar management as their partner. After entering the dining area, these women were asked to dance in an inappropriate way," said police.

The CCB police raided in the disguise of customers. "All the rescued women have been sent to the rehabilitation centre," informed the police.