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Karnataka MLAs back from 'study tour'

Karnataka MLAs back from 'study tour'

[Updated 2014-01-09 14:17:00 ]

NewsKarnataka - Bangalore

Bangalore: The Karnataka MLAs are back in the city after spending a 15-day extravaganza trip in New Zealand and Australia via Hong Kong which cost Rs 8 lakh per MLA to the government exchequer.

Reportedly the 15-day trip did not have a single official meeting even though the MLAs claim the trip to be an official study tour.

Karnataka Assembly Backward Classes Committee Chairman BR Yavagal asserted that it was a study tour  and questioned “So many officials go, prime ministers go why don't you go and ask Parliament?.” MLA Raghavendra Basavaraj Hitnal and the other committee members also echoed the same views.

With several economic issues and concerns in the state, the trip has faced immense criticism at a time when the  government was reportedly facing a financial crunch.Though the committee members have been asked to submit a report within a month, it has been learnt that the report drafted is also a sham.

Now, the state government has halted two more junkets planned for February to avoid any further criticism.


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