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Fight against the Niddodi power plants takes a new turn

Fight against the Niddodi power plants takes a new turn

[Updated 2013-07-22 17:19:00 ]

Mangalore: The fight against the proposed Niddodi power project has taken a new turn as "Nagarika Hitarakshana Samiti" which is heading the fight against the will organise Hunger strike on 28th of this month.

The president of this forum Alphonse Dsouza said that the administration is trying to hide the reality from the common man. If we go ahead and ask the concerned officials about the information about the project, they shoo us off with the phrase "information not available".

He continued stating, on 16th of this month some officials had come to survey the area without any notice. When asked they tried to hide the reality. Due to the intervention of media we could hear only the fact that they have come for the power project survey. And from the resources we could find out the fact that the DC has told not to disclose any information to the public.

Hence opposing the project we have organised "hunger strike" on 28th of july from 6 AM to 6 PM at niddodi market.

In prior to this, MP of Mangalore constituency, Mr. Nalin Kumar Katil today visited the "to be affected" places of, proposed niddodi power plant which will be implemented in Niddodi, near mangalore.

Speaking to the media he said that niddodi is the land of agriculture. Hence it is not right to implement the power plant project in niddodi and hence to snatch the daily bread of many. The central and the state govt. should intervene and stop the further proceedings.

He continued stating, I do not want to mix politics into this fight and its the responsibility of the elected representatives to fight against this project since it is very dangerous to the environment of this region. Since I do not have the exact statistics about the project and the concerned officers are not responding positively, I wll go ahead and raise the question in the parliament  about the project statistics, he said.

What exactly is the Niddodi thermal power plant..??
This project aims to constitute a thermal power plant which produces 8 Mega watt's of power using the coal. It will use Nandini river water for the cooling purposes. The plant will be set up in 700 acres of land and 8000 acres will be the affected area.

The afftected villages: Niddodi, Tenkamijaru, Badagamijaru, Mucchuru, Puttige, Kallamundkur, Kateelu, Kinnigoli and Yedapadavu.

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