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Super dirt bike race for the first time in Belagavi

Super dirt bike race for the first time in Belagavi

U K   ¦    May 18, 2017 06:24:23 PM (IST)

Mysuru/Belagavi: Saraj S.A.R United (P) is presenting Belagavi’s first super dirt bike race – “Karnataka Invitational Super cross 2017–Belagavi” being organised by the Belgaum Moto Sports Association (BMSA) and Goa Moto Sport Association (GMSA). For the first time in the history of North Karnataka, the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) has approved the event here.

Super dirt bike race for the first time in Belagavi-1Top national level riders from across India will be participating in the event. The Magadum SX race track has been designed and laid by renowned international Track Designer, Ashley Gomes. The race will be held behind GIT College, next to Dhyan Prabodhan School, Sammednagar Udyambag, Belagavi at 3 pm on May 21. The organisers are expecting a crowd of 20,000 to attend the event. The entry is free for the public.

Belgaum Moto Sports Association President Akshay Magadum, along with the team Abhishek Magadum, Aditya Magadum, Shiv Mamadapur, Abhijeet Magadum, Vinay Magale, Suprit Magadum, Yatindra Deshpande has been working in coordination with Goa Motor Sports Association President Ashley Gomes for over a year to bring this event to Belagavi. BMA and GMSA plan to launch the “Karnataka Invitational Supercross Championship” in November 2017 in their permanently built race track at the above said location.

This race will be held under the supervision and inspection of FMSCI scrutineers/ stewards. This event is being held under the international sporting code of the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), the national competition rules of FMSCI (NCR) and its appendices and the supplementary regulations. To register for the event log on to and email to

Details may be had from Akshay Magadum (Belgaum Moto-Sport Association)- 9986513418, Ashley Gomes (Goa Motor Sports Association)–9822179721, Abhishek Magadum (Belgaum Moto-Sport Association)-9886136886, Shiv Mamadapur (Belgaum Moto-Sport Association)-9844435492.

Below are listed categories of the races:

• Group A, Sx1 upto 250 cc 2 stroke & 450 cc 4 stroke.

• Group A, Sx2 upto 250 cc 2 stroke & 450 cc 4 stroke. • Group A, Sx3 upto 250cc 2 stroke & 450 cc 4 stroke.

• Junior 1, group A/B/C/D upto 125 cc 2 stroke & 250cc 4 stroke (under 18 above 15).

• Junior 2, group A/B/C/D upto 85 cc 2 stroke & 150 cc 4 stroke (under 15 above 12). • Junior 3, group A/B/C/D upto 65 cc 2 stroke (under 12 above 7).

• Group C, upto 250 cc (2/4 stroke).

• Group B, upto 250 cc (2/4 stroke).

• Enfield Class, upto 500 cc.

• Women’s Class, upto 450 cc.