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EC to announce schedule for its 'EVM challenge' on Saturday

EC to announce schedule for its 'EVM challenge' on Saturday

Sc N S   ¦    May 20, 2017 06:50:32 AM (IST)

New Delhi: The Election Commission will on Saturday hold a demonstration on the working of EVMs and VVPATs to allay fears that these can be tampered with in favour of a particular candidate/party. It will also announce dates for a EVM-hacking challenge in the wake of opposition concerns over the reliability of EVMs.

EC to announce schedule for its 'EVM challenge' on Saturday-1As per an Election Commission announcement, the live demonstration of the functioning of the EVMs and VVPATs will be followed by a press conference.

The poll panel had announced after an all-party meeting on May 12 that it will hold the challenge to let opposition political parties prove their contention that the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) used in the February-March assembly elections were, or could be, tampered with.

It had also announced that all future elections will be held using VVPAT (Voter-verifiable paper audit trail).

A VVPAT slip allows a voter to verify if his vote has been rightly recorded by the EVM.

Several opposition politicians had alleged EVM-tampering in assembly polls but the commission ruled out such a possibility.

Representatives of the Bahujan Samaj Party, Congress, Aam Admi Party, and Trinamool Congress had raised concerns over EVMs at the all-party meeting.

The AAP had welcomed the poll panel's announcement of holding an EVM challenge but insisted on the 'hackathon'. The party said given a chance, it can prove that the machines can be hacked.

The Trinamool Congress had demanded a return to paper balloting in the country.