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Thalaiva all set to enter politics? Calls upon people to get ready for war

Thalaiva all set to enter politics? Calls upon people to get ready for war

May 19, 2017 04:09:22 PM (IST)

Chennai: 'Thalaiva', the boss has dropped the biggest ever hint that may probably put to rest all speculations making rounds with regard to his political entry.

Thalaiva all set to enter politics? Calls upon people to get ready for war-1"I have my profession, my job. I have some responsibilities and you have your jobs. Go back to your respective places and do your job. Let's meet when it's time for the war," Rajinikanth roared in Chennai as the fans thundered applauses.

This is now being read as a hint from Rajnikanth that he is contemplating on entering politics. Rajnikanth said that system needs to be changed and a change has to be brought in the minds of people, then only will the country flourish.

Attacking those who called him an outsider, Thalaiva, as he is fondly addressed by his fans and followers, said that he is a pure Tamilian despite his origins in Karnataka.

"Even though I am from Karnataka, still you have accepted me and you have made who I am. I am a pure Tamil now. I lived in Karnataka for 23 years and Tamil Nadu for 43 years. Although I came as a Marathi from Karnataka, you people nurtured me, made me true Tamilian," he said. However, throughout his speech, Rajnikanth did not even once clarify if he was joining politics.

Rajnikanth's entry into politics has been a matter of debate for a long time now. With political bigwigs like late J Jayalalithaa and ailing DMK supremo M Karunanidhi out of the picture, a large section of Tamil populations feels that Rajnikanth is the only one who can effectively fill in the gap.

Rajnikanth has always made statements that would make way to speculations on his political journey. "If I join politics, I would show the door to money-minded people," he said said earlier this week. He had later said that he had no intentions of entering the political arena.

In 1996, the 67-year-old actor had supported the DMK-TMC against J Jayalalithaa in Tamil Nadu, and the alliance swept the polls that year. But he has not been involved in any political activity since then.

Meanwhile, it is also said that the BJP is deparately trying to woo Rajnikanth into party folds.